Organizational Impact


Executive Coach on blurred background creating renewable and sustainable eco energy with electrical sphere 3D rendering

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Organizational Impact:
The World’s Call for Humanity in Business

The world’s expectations for business are changing fast. Through ever louder and clearer voices of consumers and customers, talent and workforce, investors and governments, organizations are called to adopt much higher standards for doing business.

The demands for social and environmental responsibility are no longer raised by small interest groups only; increasingly, all stakeholders will resist engaging with an organization, its brand and its products and services if we do not feel we can trust them to do good for, and with, people and planet.
If you do not bring humanity back into the organization, you will be left behind.

The impact you can hope for your organization to have is a direct function of how you choose to respond to the world’s call. How will you lead the eco systems you are a part of? Separation, silos, the need for control, the illusion of predictability – the mechanisms of the old way of running businesses – all create friction in natural systems like e.g., an organization. They are unnatural and must be removed for the eco system to thrive and perform.

Trust, transparency, empathy and a unifying, well-integrated purpose have become critical; this is how we bring humanity back into the business world.

Your impact in the world will, in turn, determine how prosperous your organization will be; performance itself is being redefined by the call for humanity in business, by your organization’s willingness and ability to do good.

You are being called to balance people, purpose, planet and profit.


Having the conversation about how to balance people, purpose, planet and profit in your organization will in itself raise awareness levels and start setting things in motion.