Evolve or risk being left behind.​
Evolutionary Leadership Model by Claudia Lindby

Do you recognize this?

• You are putting all your best time and efforts into managing time and priorities, getting clarity about goals and about the action needed for delivering high performance – but still you are not seeing the progress you know is possible

• You know that performance leadership is about the people, and you prioritize time for dialogue, feedback, and individual development – but your team is not collaborating in a way that produces the progress you aspire to

• Your get that diversity in teams as well as shared purpose are key drivers for real, sustainable performance and longterm impact – but lack of alignment and integration causes expensive friction in your eco system

You are not alone.

Change and disruption have become the norm and business leaders today are struggling to perform in old operating models that are stretched to their limits.

Every organization is a human endeavor: human beings collaborating to get things done. The outdated model of running an organization like a machine is no longer effective in most business contexts – it is even destructive.

Companies that value hard skills over soft skills, fact over feeling, individual parts over relationship, control over co-creation, predictability over flexibility, order over dynamic, and “me” over “we” will struggle to compete effectively. They are not likely to survive.

For modern performance leadership, this ineffective and imbalanced way of doing business results in a number of problems.
A failure to adapt and evolve is a strategy for disaster.

Here are 3 key issues you need to deal with:


1. Too many inefficiencies get in the way of High Performance 

How? Build a strong leadership foundation that results in a high level of effectiveness. Gain insight into your own leadership capacity and your best growth opportunities for delivering performance. Learn about key elements in the real performance equation and understand how you can best leverage it.

Get clarity on your key focus areas and the priorities needed for achieving high performance. Build more effective leadership as your confidence grows – to manage conflict, manage up, and break the barriers that keep you stuck.

2. Classic performance management does not support collaboration

How? Sustainable, meaningful outcomes are created in collaboration and co-creation, not in a power-and-control structure. Self-insight and a sense of purpose motivate meaningful action, and performance springs from an environment of openness, learning and trust – not by forcing KPI’s and evaluation practices on people. You need to build healthy feedback practices that support individual development and growth, in order to move beyond the trappings of old performance management.

3. The complexity in the business eco system calls for better integration

How? Separation, silos, and division create friction in collaboration processes and hinder performance. They are unnatural and must be removed for the eco system to thrive and perform. A unifying, well-integrated purpose can align people and the core value streams of your organization – shared goals are not enough. Performance will increase as you learn to activate true diversity to obtain seamless cooperation – balancing people, purpose, planet and profit.

Evolutionary Leadership is redefining performance leadership to match modern business and will help you get beyond the current dysfunctions. There is a Next Level of performance to go to, on our evolutionary path

Evolve, or risk becoming irrelevant.
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Claudia Lindby


As an Executive Coach, my purpose is to help you, your team and your organization to the next level of performance. I believe the key to building performance is to tap into what it means to be human. After all, business is a human endeavor; organizations are human beings collaborating with each other.

Combining 15 years’ business career in international organizations, including 10 years of leadership experience at VP and executive/board levels, with a deep interest in what it means to be human, I have worked in the space of performance leadership and leadership development – these past 13 years running individual and group development programs.

Whether you are looking to achieve excellence, getting better results and an easier work life; or want to lead others along a path towards sustainable, meaningful results; or you are looking to see your integrative leadership make a positive change and leave a legacy Impact – there is a way for you to take your personal leadership to the next level. I can help you figure out what’s next.


Get to the next level of performance. Depending on where you are now, and what challenges and opportunities you are facing, a tested-and-tried development program can be tailored to take you to the next level as effectively as possible.

Check these different development programs for more information.


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Purpose is one of the most powerful and focused sources of energy driving performance and amplifying our impact. When this energy meets opportunity – something that the world needs – extraordinary results are created.
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We have stretched our current operating model to its limits. No amount of classic benchmarking, performance management, lean, change management, new IT systems, re-organization, etc. is likely to make any significant shift in performance anymore.
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I recently interviewed a number of leaders concerning Feedback in the context of performance leadership. While healthy feedback is considered a cornerstone for performance culture, almost all confess to not making a conscious effort to get there.


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Evolutionary Purpose



Susanne Bugge

In my own leadership as well as personal development, Claudia has been an invaluable help. In what feels like an easygoing conversation, Claudia knows when to zoom in and ask those deeper questions which lead to personal insight. She is able to create and hold a space where I can work through new solutions, new and better approaches to my leadership.

Head of IT Operations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark

Anita Hoff

The fantastic thing about a session with Claudia is that I can start out with a concrete problem or a challenge that I have in relation to other people – a situation that drains away my energy – and then I suddenly experience being lifted beyond it, away from being part of the problem. Throughout the conversation, Claudia asks those sharp questions, helping me shed a light on the situation…
Project Secretary, Maersk Drilling

Rune Rehlund

She’s a ninja! – she sees everything, reacts immediately, and supports me in implementing changes in a deeply result-oriented way, while helping me feel confident about it.” This is how a store manager described his cooperation with Claudia. A highly effective Executive Coach, Claudia assists in creating valuable change and transformation
Sales & Development Manager, Telia Danmark



Facing some of the challenges inherent in growth, the top management team finds sustainable solutions to the challenge of ”time” and work-life balance that they experience.

National Aquarium Denmark – Den Blå Planet

Den Blå Planet has been focusing on how employees in the service industry must think and act; they have successfully implemented the new strategies and have, in a very short time...


Clear and well-targeted communication throughout a high-tempo change process with various initiatives leads to ownership, personal energy and improved operational results.

The Performance Leadership Assessment by Claudia Lindby

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