Executive Coaching & Mentoring


Executive Coaching - your leadership quality will make or break performance

The purpose of Executive Coaching applied to Performance Leadership is simple: 
strengthening leadership quality to enhance performance and support business strategy and objectives.
Coaching is, together with on-he-job training, one of the most powerful ways to develop leadership. 
The benefits include growing leadership quality, developing high performance teams, and creating a company-wide high-performance culture.

More specifically, here are examples of what you can achieve with an executive coaching program:

What is executive coaching?

The Executive Coaching framework is a dialogue. It is a time and space that is 100% personal, allowing you to focus on what is most important for you right now; to uncover and deal with what may keep you stuck; and to explore different, more effective ways of getting to the outcomes that are meaningful to you.



The coaching model I use is simple in structure and resembles the GROW™ and PLS™ models.

Beyond the model, my unique approach to coaching is shaped in the intersection of what I know to be true about human performance, how I experience leadership, and my work with coaching as a craft, art and profession.

Performance is a human concept

My coaching is designed to build and support an evolving process
Human growth is not linear. We are dynamic systems, and standard, linear planning with its assumptions of predictability and control cannot be meaningfully applied to your development.
We update our thinking as we learn; therefore, we cannot meaningfully plan every step of the way from A to B. Think “iteration”. You will cultivate a sense of what must happen along the way, and you will be updating your plan every time you learn and make new decisions.

Performance starts as an inner game

My coaching is whole form
Mindset goes way beyond thinking and includes: the way you experience the issue at hand (state); the feelings attached to this experience; the molecules of emotion summing up to what we call “feelings”; and the bodily / somatic setup or “container”, holding your experience. Effective performance leadership coaching leverages all these elements to assist your transformation.

My coaching takes place in the space where “the problem is not”
Research shows that development and learning is greatly facilitated when we focus on our strengths and on what is already working well. In this space, you have access to all of your personal resources including your most creative and visionary thinking. And from here, we can open and expand a much larger field of possibilities for you.

My coaching is designed to be future informed
We will be working with the end in mind: your motivational power lies in your vision of what is possible, your sense of personal purpose, and in a desired outcome. We will spend the time necessary for your desired outcome, your dream, to become crystal clear. Your image of what Performance looks like will guide our work.

Performance happens in the moment when inner readiness meets outside context

My coaching aligns with an integral approach to solutions
Leading performance is systemic by nature and relies on an integral, or holistic, consideration. This means that your field of possibility is shaped by the four domains of Behavior; Mindset; Culture; and Systems and processes. It also means that your Impact must be considered in and developed for the relevant eco system.

My coaching is action-oriented
Action is a key element in our learning. When we act, we test for effectiveness and functionality of what we are learning. Inner readiness meets outside conditions when you act, and we herewith engage in critical feedback loops. The key is to always know: what is my first step – now?

The structure of my executive coaching SERVICES & PROGRAMS