Collaborative Performance

your future depends on it

Results in our modern organizations are increasingly created in cooperation, and we spend more and more time working in teams. Teams have become the key value drivers and they will make or break your organization.

Leading a team that must deliver value? Our classic way of organizing work is under pressure, and “old” performance management is no longer effective. Dysfunctional teams drain people’s energy, kill motivation and engagement, and create expensive friction in your workflows that reduce productivity.

But there is a next level of team performance to be had if you decide to redefine performance and implement new collaboration practices. Teams will be increasingly diverse and your ability to manage diversity is critical; you must ensure seamless teamwork and flawless deliveries across not only generations, but also across many areas of expertise, functions and even national cultures.And with increasing instability and shorter cycles in almost every aspect of business, every team you lead must get up to speed quickly.

Depending on and respecting where your team is today, you need to lead in a way that supports the group evolving along the development curve from “effective individuals” towards the well-functioning, collaborative, possibly even self-organizing team.

Growth Program 1 – Foundation Level:

High Performance Team – delivering excellence

Gain insight into the key elements in the real performance equation and get the tools you need to be effective in leading performance behavior. Help your team get clarity on goals and objectives, as well as the priorities needed for delivering excellence. Grow your team’s confidence by giving well-structured, effective feedback. Understand how to motivate each team member to improve; remove unconstructive conflict; and define the norms that allow them to work together as a High Performance Team.

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Growth Program 2 – Accelerate Level:

Collaborative Performance for sustainable results

Get the tools to create an attractive work environment with openness, learning and trust. Find out how to align team values and norms in a way that allows for involvement, participation and satisfaction. Learn how to facilitate a natural performance dialogue that is motivating and empowers each team member to grow into their full potential. Help your team develop by building healthy feedback practices that support learning while they are getting the job done. Help your team deliver value through meaningful action, aligned with a strong team purpose.

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Growth Program 3 – Exponential Level:

Global Impact with Self-Organizing Teams

Gain insight into the performance power of evolutionary purpose and the balance of people, purpose, planet and profit. Learn how to activate true diversity, and how to allow conflict to contribute to the overall strength of the team. Develop practices that inspire individual responsibility and emerging leadership. Get the tools to redesign norms and practices in the service of evolutionary performance and global impact. Learn how to match people and work in a way that increases energy, flexibility and growth.

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