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High Performance Leadership

High Performance Leadership is not about short-term targets and KPIs When you manage by KPIs you miss the point – and you are too late. Of course, well-chosen KPIs and good, well-aligned systems both

Key Insights

The better our understanding of human nature, and of world views at work - Human Technology - the stronger, more sustainable our solutions. Have a look at some Key Insights shaping my work: Key Insights


  • Building a sustainable future – working “future-informed”
  • HIP as an emerging, evolving concept; keeping plans short
  • Developing a culture that supports the ultimate business goals and performance against that
  • Building on what already works
  • PM born out of a need to align and to collaborate – not to control
  • Keeping things simple enough – and not too simple



”She’s a ninja! – she sees everything, reacts immediately, and supports me in implementing...

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Danish National Aquarium / Den Blå Planet

”At the Danish National Aquarium / Den Blå Planet, we have succeeded in implementing our...

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Maersk Drilling (2)

”The fantastic thing about a session with Claudia is that I can start out with a concrete...

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