Change – a Leadership Disclipline

It is not easy to change behaviors and to create the new company culture that we need today in order to achieve the business results we want and need. Leadership is the engine driving change, and the challenge… ...

My clients and I

My clients
I believe that what tells most about me and my work is, who chooses to work with me?

I am honored to work with leaders and other strong personalities interested in performance and expected to create results, across industries and all types of organization.
They sens

Co-Operative Principles

There is not one ready-to-go solution for building High Performance. The principles we choose to apply to our co-operation will determine how much value we can create together.



”She’s a ninja! – she sees everything, reacts immediately, and supports...

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Danish National Aquarium / Den Blå Planet

”At the Danish National Aquarium / Den Blå Planet, we have succeeded in implementing...

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Maersk Drilling (2)

”The fantastic thing about a session with Claudia is that I can start out...

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