Celebrating leaders and teams who step into the future

Today, I am celebrating!

One year ago, I published my first book, “ALIGN! The Art and Craft of Leading Performance with Ease and Joy” – introducing the Evolving Leadership Growth Path™ and a new approach to building healthy performance through real alignment.

“ALIGN!” was created in dialogue, and I am thrilled to see that not only does dialogue about alignment and sustainable performance continue; globally, this dialogue gathers momentum, and we are witnessing the emergence of a new business world…


I am celebrating the fact that new ways of organizing human collaboration are spreading.


Increasingly, we decide to leave behind the mechanically organized and dysfunctional, siloed ways of working – based on old illusions of control, linearity, and predictability – that for centuries have drained our energy and caused massive stress.


I am celebrating that we are increasingly organizing collaboration in alignment with natural principles and with what it means to be human: trust, purpose, healthy diversity, real inclusion, dynamic structures and practices, natural feedback loops, upregulating dialogue, etc.

Like this, we are literally freeing energy rather than depleting it.

And we vastly expand the field of what’s possible for us to achieve together.


I am celebrating all of you courageous leaders and teams who take steps on this challenging, rewarding (and necessary) path. Building new human skills, updating mindsets, and shifting to liberating daily practices for our new, future fit organizations.

We still have a lot of work to do.


“ALIGN!” was written to inspire this journey and assist you with practical advice; if you have not yet read it, you can download a free chapter about alignment, friction, and performance here: “ALIGN!” Chapter 3