Tivoli A/S

Clear and well-targeted communication throughout a high-tempo change process with various initiatives leads to ownership, personal energy and improved operational results.

The Challenge:

A newly appointed leader must take her department through a change process that includes (yet another) change in organizational structure. The communication effort is particularly complicated because changes are introduced frequently, quickly, and are often changed again after a short time. The organization has started to tire somewhat.

The Solution:

A personal sparring sequence focusing on authentic leadership and the communication effort. Including mystery shopping and observation meetings/shadowing.

The Results:

”I succeeded in getting everyone – including myself – through this with improved energy levels and even stronger ownership. I managed to engage people and middle management in the changes they were to implement, and even the most skeptical managers came to understand that our decisions made sense. This gave them greater reserves of energy and a better overview in their daily operations. Some of them now actually look like quite new leaders.

We now have managers and employees with more energy. This pays off in many ways and it can be measured, for instance in our Mystery reports, that we’ve been able to take time and focus on better field training than usual.”

Charlotte Baisgaard Mogensen
Area Manager, Garden Food & Beverage, Tivoli A/S