Facing some of the challenges inherent in growth, the top management team finds sustainable solutions to the challenge of ”time” and work-life balance that they experience.

The Challenge:

In a successful company growing at good annual rates the top management team face the challenge of an increasing workload. Delegation has become a major issue, and time in general seems too short – also in relation a healthy work-life balance.

The Solution:

A tailor-made development program based on an initial analysis of area of responsibility, work flows, tasks and time allocation.
Training days, followed up by individual coaching sessions.

The Results:

“Everybody is more than happy with the training provided. We have gained new knowledge and received new practical, easy-to-implement tools that will help us become more effective, prioritize better, and spend our time off more consciously – and without a bad conscience.”

Morten Heuing, CEO, StepStone A/S