National Aquarium Denmark /DEN BLÅ PLANET

Den Blå Planet has been focusing on how employees in the service industry must think and act; they have successfully implemented the new strategies and have, in a very short time, created even better business results than expected.

The Challenge:

A new CEO is appointed and given the task of moving the National Aquarium and its 16 employees from the old premises to a brand new, state-of-the-art location – within a few months’ time. Respecting the existing DNA of the organization, she is expected to build a new organization of 120 employees capable of running one of Denmark’s Top 5 tourist attractions. In order to succeed, the organizational culture must migrate from a specialist-driven culture to one with a strong service orientation – and solid operating income is expected from Year 1.

Part of the challenge is a clear alignment of expectations concerning results as well as strategy with the new board, and effective communication of the strategies with their new, more commercially oriented mindset to the employees.

The Solution:

An individual advisory/sparring sequence with the CEO and workshops with the board of directors, with a focus on crafting and delivering the most important messages towards 1) the board and 2) employees.

The Results:

”At Den Blå Planet we have succeeded in taking our strategies from paper to action. In a short period of time we have delivered even better business results than expected – including very high scores on the employee engagement survey which is critical for our service-profit-chain philosophy. Claudia asked the right questions and gave important and constructive input to the strategy work we did, and to the presentation hereof to my board.”

Dorte Gleie, CEO, Den Blå Planet –National Aquarium Denmark