My clients and I

My clients
I believe that what tells most about me and my work is, who chooses to work with me?

I am honored to work with leaders and other strong personalities interested in performance and expected to create results, across industries and all types of organization.
They sense there is more to be had and aspire to lead in a more effective and sustainable way than what is typical for most organizations.
What best characterizes my clients is their mindset: They want to be free, get “unstuck” and be able to lead the way they believe is best. Authenticity is non-negotiable: they want to be themselves, and then lead from there. My clients are concerned with integrating systems, values, knowledge and competency to get to High Performance. They see “facts” and feeling and instinct as equally valuable leadership information. They are less concerned with power status and group sensitivity. They want flexibility and functionality; the person best qualified to make a decision – makes that decision. They want freedom, they insist on performance and on learning in order to improve; they want Big picture views, and they want to make a difference in the world.

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More about me

Free all the horses!” I am a life-long activist in the domaine of human potential and see it as my mission to help unlock human potential whenever I can.
Specifically, my Purpose is to help natural performance unfold in  organizations; partnering with purposeful leaders, we move beyond limitations and co-create solutions from there, thus building natural High Performance in the organization: healthy, sustainable performance in the short as well as for the longer term.

My vision is a world of healthy organizations in which we can be ourselves and apply our best selves – where we want to, and are able to unleash our full potential and apply it to the work we are here to do.
My Mission is to contribute to this by interacting with leaders, moving with them beyond limitations to unleash their full potential.

“Network Agency”: My strategic partnerships
In my work, I consider myself to be a “Network agent”. For more than a decade, I have had a working approach that is highly dynamic, efficient, and inspirational: in networks of trusted partners, we focus on a client’s case and each contribute our unique strengths and areas of expertise with the sole aim of delivering the best possible solution and value for the client.
The principle is simple: if a person can add value to the client’s project or business, he/she gets involved – to the extent that it’s useful.

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