High Performance Leadership is only possible in a whole-system approach

High Performance is systemic in nature and therefore, is only possible when considered holistically. HIP Leadership is about understanding performance questions through four lenses (Behavior, Mindset, Culture and Systems) - and navigating in these fields when implementing strategies and operating your business.

The Trust Factor: No trust, no HIP.

Neuroscience shows us what trust - and lack of trust - do to human systems, people who work together fx to solve issues, create solutions, and drive business forward: no trust, your system shuts down.

You have to "be HIP" before you can "do HIP"

Your results are a product of your behavior, and your behavior is a product of your mindset. HIP has to start in your mind and heart ("Leadership Mind") or it won’t happen. As a leader, your behavior - what you saying do, and what you do not say or do - becomes very important for behavior in your team, and team behavior produces team results. To manage your behavior - leadership signals - you must manage your mind and heart.

When you manage by KPI's - you are too late.

KPi's are a late measurement of what has already happened. And what has already happened was a result of behavior even before that. Focus on your KPI's and you will miss the opportunity to act at the right time. Move your focus to behavior, and communicate clearly about behavior, and you are on the right track for HiP Leadership.

First, Move beyond limitations.

Move beyond limitations before doing anything. Open state neurology is preoccupied with possibilities and solutions. From a limited state or mindset, you will only see problems and "fixes".


  • Applying an integral approach to solutions
  • Working with the end in mind
  • Seeing HIP as an emerging concept
  • Building on what already works
  • Open-minded exploration and discovery
  • Keeping things simple enough – and not too simple


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