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High Performance Leadership

High Performance Leadership is not about short-term targets and KPIs When you manage by KPIs you miss the point – and you are too late. Of course, well-chosen KPIs and good, well-aligned systems both support high performance. So does a good strategy. But for performance, the heart of the matter is behavior. Behavior produces results; KPIs merely measure what the behavior (or lack hereof) produced. And engagement sprigs from the hearts and minds of people. It is literally created, neuro-chemically, by how you chose to see and feel about things. In short, if you do not work with the hearts and minds of your employees, you are not a High Performance Leader. Research supports this point: performance in organizations can be attributed to two main elements – culture and engagement, and leadership (89%, according to ”Human Capital Trends”, 2015). And when we set out to do something that is not business as usual, failure rates seem to be around 70%. Why? In 75% of the cases, either