”I benefitted enormously from working together with Claudia in the context of a significant change of our organization during which I was promoted one level up and had to find the ”super leader” within myself to be able to lead the department through the changes we were facing.
I have now succeeded in getting all of us – myself included – safe and sound through the changes, with ownership and energy intact. I got the managers involved and truly engaged in the change initiatives we decided to implement and even the most critical managers have understood that our decisions were right. This has given them overview and more energy in their daily work. Some of them look like new leaders, indeed…!

We now have even more engaged and dedicated employees and managers. The benefits are measurable, for instance, we see in our Mystery reports that managers have taken more time to train and motivate employees.

My dialogue with Claudia was open and honest, she knows what this is about and I was able to be 100 % myself throughout the entire program.”

Charlotte Baisgaard Mogensen, Section Manager, F&B, Tivoli A/S