NEW: Succeed in implementing your strategy

Most strategies go around. Get safely to the next shore: become one of the only 30 % who succeed.

Most new strategy initiatives fail, and 75% of the causes of failure can be traced back to lack of understanding, buy-in and engagement among employees. Bridging the gap between document and action is, essentially, a leadership responsibility: Getting all employees – and middle managers – to do what it takes, in their daily work, in order to implement the strategy.

This presupposes that you are close to your employees and that you can communicate with very different people. You must be able to create an emotional engagement that will connect the strategy paper with concrete action.

You can only do so if you display certain leadership characteristics and use leadership skills: authenticity, discernment, credibility, honesty, openness, active listening, communication flexibility, and true curiosity – not something we usually learn in business school.
This might feel as unsafe as having to cross the Bermuda Triangle – but in order to get to the other side we simply have to go through it …

Over the past years I have worked with companies’ strategy implementation as well as making speeches about it. Now, together with TACK International A/S, I have developed a one-day course helping you succeed. Read more about the course here:

Strategy Implementation Course