About Me

I help leaders succeed with their change initiatives by including behavioral information in their analysis, planning and communication related to change initiatives.

My vision is a world in which we – leaders, organizations, human beings – have enabled ourselves to thrive with change and seize the opportunities that change offers.

For the past 20 plus years, I have worked with business and people development in international, Danish and other local companies, hereof 17 years in executive and leadership positions.
I have built my change leadership expertise in complex matrix organizations as well as in small organizations, and as an independent consultant and entrepreneur.

When I started my career, the world was a safe and predictable place. We usually had all the time we needed to get our work done and we more or less knew what the year, and next year would bring.
One day I asked my boss about our strategy for France, looking for a solution to a problem we were facing there. He said, “Look in our archives and find out whether we have had a similar problem during the past 10 years. Then you simply do what we did then.”

Our international competitors got ahead of us and increased the gap over a number of years.
And then one day, a new CEO decided we should become ”best in class” on a number of KPI’s – internationally.
Everything changed! Most of us said a prayer and hoped things would soon be back to normal…

Obviously, change had come to stay. Ever since, every organization I have been a part of has had to constantly adapt and even re-invent itself in order to meet increasingly demanding targets I an ever more complex environment – and with less resources.

My practical experience from all the years of leading employees, and leading development and change initiatives, as well as my work over the past seven years as an independent consultant and advisor has shaped my competence platform and my toolbox. This is what I bring to the table when offering to help you succeed in the following areas:

Change Leadership
Strategy Implementation
Personal Leadership
Branding & Culture