Creative Fundamentals

Creativity is tapping into the most powerful opportunities available, manifesting our most desired outcomes...

Applying an integral approach to solutions

High Performance is systemic and must rest on an integral, or holistic, consideration. This means that when creating new solutions for you we analyze 1) Behavior (to what extent does it produce desired outcomes?) 2) Mindset (does it support the right behavior?) 3) Culture (does it support the ultimate business goals and performance?) and 4) Systems and processes (do they support or hinder your initiatives?)

Working with the end in mind

We will spend the time necessary for your desired outcome, your dream, to become crystal clear. This is the core of the creative process, and the image of what Success looks like will guide our discussions and decision making – we work “future-informed” towards manifestation of your dream scenario.

Seeing HIP as an emerging concept

There is not one, ready-to-go formula for High Performance in an organization, or for HIP Leadership. By its very nature, HIP is systemic and so, always evolving, always growing. By keeping plans short, focusing on the next great thing to do - and constantly staying awake, updating our understanding and our plans to fit reality – we stay at the cutting edge and create what is most valuable, most needed, now, to get to your dream scenario.

Open-minded exploration and discovery

We must be open-minded if we want new thinking. The best solutions emerge in an open process where we ask questions that we don’t already have an answer to, and allow ourselves to question assumptions and the status quo.

Building on what already works

Research shows that development and learning is greatly facilitated when we focus on our strengths and on what is already working well. Taking this as our starting point, we open a larger field of possibilities. And as we incorporate “what is already working well” into the solutions we create, you’ll have the best possible take-off and be on your way already at the very beginning.

Keep it simple

Keeping things simple enough - yet not too simple

Creative fundamentals

Creativity is tapping into the most powerful opportunities available, manifesting our most desired outcomes...


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