Co-operation Principles

There is not one ready-to-go solution for building High Performance. The principles we choose to apply to our co-operation will determine how much value we can create together.

We partner, and co-create

The best solutions emerge in a co-creative process where we allow the synergies between our various areas of expertise to come out and inspire the new thinking necessary to get you to the next level.

We are open to question assumptions

We must be open-minded if we want new thinking. The best solutions emerge in an open process where we ask questions that we don’t already have an answer to, and allow ourselves to question underlying assumptions as well as the status quo.

We are aspirational

You want to develop High Performance (HIP) and we first explore and define what HIP looks like, for you. How will you know that you’re there? What criteria can we meaningfully use to define the value that you are looking to create?

We are practical

We will build a road map towards your High Performance dream scenario, always keeping implementation in mind. Keeping things as simple as possible. Mindful of the gaps that often lead to implementation failure, we are proactive in our approach to implementation.

We are inclusive

Engagement is a key to implementation success; development discussions that include all relevant stakeholders create the sense of engagement and ownership that will bring initiatives from paper and into reality. And by the way, more brains are better than a few brains…


  • Building a sustainable future – working “future-informed”
  • HIP as an emerging, evolving concept; keeping plans short
  • Developing a culture that supports the ultimate business goals and performance against that
  • Building on what already works
  • PM born out of a need to align and to collaborate – not to control
  • Keeping things simple enough – and not too simple


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