High Performance Teams

Results are usually created in cooperation and in co-dependence; a number of elements need to be in place before your team is well-functioning and able to create excellent results both short- and long-term.

Depending on and respecting where your team is today, you must work on Team Fundamentals in a way that moves the group along the development curve towards true High Performance (HIP) and seamless, synergistic cooperation:

1. Clear and shared vision – images of what High Performance looks like
2. Clarity in roles and responsibilities, aligned with identity and aspirations
3. What do we want to measure? Goal clarity and the metrics that link to HIP
4. Rules of engagement ensuring trust
5. Team communication that supports cooperation and performance

And High Performance starts at the top, so your leadership team should be first in line.

Do you master and practice the skills that ensure your organization works seamlessly, owning issues and self-organizing to find solutions every day because people know they are included and appreciated?
Do you work to expand aspirations and make sure you all share the same vision?
Do you share and let people share; do you stand for a discovering mindset, instead of always knowing best?

When you practice such behaviors as a leadership team, your organization is more than likely to see important increases in productivity and profitability.