HIP Talks

When you want to put a new topic on the agenda; when you want to inspire your team or organization to think or do something different; when you want insight into a new topic – then a Talk can be the right approach to move people.

The Talk can stand alone, or it can be part of a development program or High Performance initiative.

Talks can be entertaining, and they can be much more than that when designed in relation to a specific outcome you desire.

Some examples:

  • “When Strategy Disappears in the Bermuda Triangle of Corporate Culture”
  • ”Time for leadership – it is a matter of Life and Death!”
  • ”High Performance Leadership: your KPI’s are too late…”
  • ”Ahead of the Curve: How to Master Power Games”
  • ”Values, Beliefs and World Views at Work”
  • “Authentic Leadership”
  • “Rewriting your Personal Stories”
  • ”Lasting Motivation”
  • “The Value of Higher Meaning@Work”
  • “On the road to High Performing Teams”
  • “Social Capital: invest, and cash in”