Facilitation and Workshops

Your ambition is sustainable high performance, and you want to move leaders, employees towards greater engagement, insight, clarity, personal power and flexibility. Training programs and workshops form a natural part of your development program.

I design and facilitate training programs and workshops, starting with what you, specifically, want to achieve.

Together, we co-create  form, duration, contents and follow-up in the way that gives you the most from the program, in terms of actual outcomes of daily work in your organization.

The initial analysis becomes our platform for design of the program, and it ensures a substantial part of our success. The subsequent anchoring in daily work routines is even more important and we go the extra mile to make sure this work is well done. For an elaboration of my work process, do contact me.

You can also choose a training program or a workshop when you want to put a specific topic to the agenda and want to benefit from the obvious advantages of having an external expert ask the irritating questions, inspire, maybe provoke you…

Examples of current Topics:

High Performance Leadership

  • High Performance Leadership – an integral approach (avoid the pitfalls)
  • High Performance Leadership: starting from the inside-out
  • Team development: accelerate ahead of the curve to High Performance
  • Strategy Implementation and Anchoring of Strategies
  • KPI’s: Leading behavior, not numbers
  • Values, Beliefs and World Views at Work
  • Time to Lead
  • The Calculus of Time: Time Stealers and Time “bends”
  • Task Culture; Delegation
  • Focus: Prioritization and Choice

Personal Leadership

  • Authentic Leadership
  • How You “Get ahead of the Game”
  • Your Values, Beliefs, and World View – increasing your leadership effectiveness

Performance with Conversational Intelligence™

  • Building trust
  • Language that inspires performance