Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Executive Coaching & Mentoring is, together with on-the-job training, one of the best ways for leaders to develop their leadership. The purpose is simple: to support your performance.

My unique approach to executive coaching & mentoring is to work with challenges and solutions in a space where ”the problem is not”. First, I will assist you in getting to a position that is beyond limitations and from there, we develop your leadership and work for you to get your desired outcomes.

The Executive Coaching & Mentoring framework is a dialogue and a space that is 100% personal, allowing you to focus on what is most important for you right now in order to make progress in relation to your desired outcomes.

Here are examples of what you can achieve with an executive coaching & mentoring program:

  • Clarity over your own goals, standards and desired outcomes in work & life
  • Development of your High Performance Leadership capacity
  • A clear direction for your career and a deep sense of meaning with what you do
  • Inner calm and solidity, enabling you to be yourself and to perform, also when under pressure
  • Ability to turn vague intentions into action
  • Greater personal impact and influence
  • Overview of a complex work life and the energy that this gives you
  • Experiencing intentionality and a great degree of control
  • Simplicity in constant re-prioritization; more time for strategic challenges
  • Strengthening your capacity to face performance demands and transformative events with – curiosity
  • Strengthening your resilience in face of obstacles and power games
  • Becoming aware of your best strategies for dealing constructively with risk, new solutions and failure
  • Strengthening your ability make more sustainable decisions; ability to collect data from and work with KPI’s related to not only mechanic but also human systems

The structure of my Executive Coaching & Mentoring (ECM):

You want a structured approach for your personal leadership development.

An ECM session typically lasts one-and-a-half hours the first time, then about one hour unless we choose to make a bit more time available.

An ECM program usually covers 5-10 sessions and you will experience progress already from the first session.

In our conversation, we will make use of the most relevant tools from various disciplines, ensuring you get the outcomes you desire and best possible value out of your program.

For 20 plus years I have worked with performance and development in organizations. As a leader and a coach, I have assisted specialists, leaders and teams – and myself – manage and lead for performance, and deal with the challenges that come along with it.