High Performance Consulting

You have decided to bring performance to the next level in your organization – and for yourself? Do engage with a consultant and sparring partner to get the most of  the project.

First, we go through your performance vision; we look at your strategic objectives and we map your culture in order to get a clear picture of your leadership challenges and business challenges in relation to the vision.

Then we draw a road map to ensure that our work becomes targeted, ”on-
strategy”, and as effective as possible and that you will benefit from the energy typically released in a development process.

Then – action.

In the process, we choose the tools most suited to deal with whatever it is we need to address in order for you to succeed.

You are likely to discover that you have hidden or underemployed resources for you to use to get your outcomes even more effectively. This is likely to also be true of your managers, your strategy team – everybody in your organization.

You will probably also uncover barriers to progress that have so far been invisible and therefore unmanageable. We focus on these roadblocks and design solutions to get them out of your way.

Maybe you will also see that there are more options for you, more ways of handling a given challenge than what you have previously been aware of.

For the past 20+ years, I have worked with leadership and business development in large and small, Danish as well as international organizations.

As a certified business coach & mentor I have assisted individuals in navigating complex performance development initiatives more effectively, and successfully.

When you choose to work with me as your advisor / consultant / business partner you may achieve the following:

  • High Performance in the most relevant areas
  • Cool, calm, composed: Personal Performance Leadership
  • More effective implementation of your strategy by aligning responsibility and objectives
  • Clear communication throughout strategy implementation – less waste of time and money
  • Culture change: developing a culture that supports you in achieving your strategic performance ambitions
  • Value implementation: developing the desired behavior in your team, or your organization (and winding up whatever does not work anymore)
  • Optimal competence development of key people / employees by implementing a process where business targets, daily work, performance talks and development activities are well aligned
  • Managing performance and well-being in the event that you have become less people to deal with the same work load
  • Increasing effectiveness in your team – winding up the worst time stealers in your organization
  • Proactive time management, planning and effective task- and delegation culture